About Us

Our mission is to…

Enable customers to easily share their experience of making an insurance claim

Objectively and fairly quantify every insurance company’s performance of their customers’ “claims experience”

Raise awareness of the “claims experience” when customers are purchasing insurance products

Claims Rated is a privately-owned business whose founders have worked in the insurance industry for many years. We passionately believe that information about the ‘claims experience’ should be one of the prime considerations when purchasing an insurance product but is a woefully missing in nearly all insurance sales processes. Whilst consumer ratings and reviews are commonplace in most online sales processes, and are valued and increasingly expected by consumers, they are blatantly missing from insurance sales processes.

We set up Claims Rated to provide a community where customers who have needed to call on their insurance policy can easily ‘rate’ and provide feedback on their experience. In turn, Insurance Brands, Underwriters and Claims Handlers gain a rating to differentiate the service they offer.

We strive to provide a service that gives an honest, fair and accurate reflection of an insurance company’s claims performance in the eyes of their customers. By doing this we can highlight where the quality exists in the insurance industry, change buying bahaviour and ultimately benefits all parties.

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For more information or to ask us a question please email us at enquiries@claimsrated.com.

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