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With ever-increasing focus on premium and no recognition of the customer’s claims experience, modern distribution channels for insurance products are leading to an increasingly price orientated, commoditised product. This 'over-focus' on price has led to a 'hollowing out' of some products meaning brands that offer a quality service, but in doing so aren't the cheapest, struggle to compete - this is not in the best interest of the customer or the industry.

With no recognised, trusted, impartial customer measure of claims experience can this ever be changed?

Claims Rated has been formed to expand a customer's field of focus to include a measure of the real claims experiences of others. We believe that by providing this missing insight into the claims experience we can highlight where quality exists in the insurance industry, help customers to make better informed decisions at point of sale, and bring balance to sales processes that are currently skewed towards low premium policies.

Claims Rated is a community where customers who have needed to call on their insurance policy can 'rate' and provide feedback on their experience. In turn, insurance brands, gain a 'Claims Rating' to differentiate the product and service they offer.

Customer feedback and rating is now a well-established part of on-line sales processes and is valued and increasingly expected by consumers.

As the solution is designed specifically for the insurance industry it recognises underwriters and claims handlers who can in turn optionally gain a Claims Rating for use as an industry facing measurement.

Joining the ClaimsRated.com community demonstrates to customers that you’re proud of the way you handle claims and provides prospective customers with an independent quantitative measurement and qualitative feedback from customers that have experienced your claims processes. All participating brands, underwriters and claims handlers receive a badge of membership that they can publicise and the best rated organisations will be recognised with annual awards and associated promotion by Claims Rated.

For a given insurance line each member brand will have an overall 'Claims Rating' shown as 1-5 diamonds and 'points out of ten' as well as the number of ratings received and their distribution.

  • See who’s providing feedback, and publicly respond to customer praise and criticism… demonstrate that there’s someone that cares what the customer thinks!
  • Understand what’s delighting, and what’s frustrating your customers when it comes to your claims processes.
  • Improve sales conversion by showing recent feedback from customers who have claimed from you.
  • ClaimsRated.com ‘assured’ logo demonstrates to customers you're open and honest about your claims.
  • Displaying our award logos shows customers that you’re a market leader when it comes to customer satisfaction in relation to claims.

Both you and your customers can be confident that the insight is credible as it's been gathered by an independent and impartial third party that focuses purely on customer's feedback of their claims experience.

Brands have to invite all claimants that go through their claims processes to ensure the measurement is a fair representation of all customers.

Claimants simply click on the link in the emailed invitation taking them to ClaimsRated.com where they complete their rating, title, review and provide a screen name to be displayed with their rating.

The rating is published on ClaimsRated.com and is also made available to the inviting brand and other distribution partners via a data feed.

We understand that you’re busy and don’t have unlimited resources; we offer a variety of integration options to make it simple to integrate with ClaimsRated.com. We’d love to tell you more about ClaimsRated.com and answer any questions you have, contact enquiries@claimsrated.com to arrange a conversation.

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